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2017 Dinner Gala
2017 Dinner Gala

Chinese Canadian Legend Award 2018 “You & Me – Let’s make Legends together”

(May 15, 2018) The Asian Business Network Association (ABNA) announces today that it will start accepting nominations for 2018 Chinese Canadian Legend (CCL) Award. With the theme — “You & Me – Let’s make Legends together” — this year’s award will see six Chinese Canadians honoured for their significant contributions to Canada and the worldwide community.

Mr. Bammy Wong, President of the ABNA, says today at a press conference that ABNA is proud to present the Award for the 19th year. Since 2000, 112 outstanding individuals have received the prestigious Award. Alongside, a book was published each year to showcase their passion and courage.

Mr. Wong also says that ABNA is honoured to have former Senator the Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy and former Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba the Honourable Philip Lee as the Honorary Patrons of the Award. Other honourable members of the event include: Ms. Alexandra Ngan and Mr. Dennis Au-Yeung as Co-Chairs of Organizing Committee, Mr. Stanley Kwan as Head of Nomination Committee, Mr. Stephen Siu as Chair of Editorial Committee, and Ms. Viola Poon as Secretary-General of the organizing committee.

Co-Chair Alexandra Ngan says this year’s theme conveys the simple yet vital message that the making of a legend starts with “you and me” as an individual and together as a community. Everybody has something that they can bring, and together we can change the world, rise above challenges and shine with a difference. The making of CCL is a journey that “you and me” can take part, and “we welcome everyone to join us in this journey to create and shape a better future together”.

Co-Chair Dennis Au-Yeung says the goal of the CCL is to identify role models for our community, to acknowledge their achievements, and to share their inspiring stories with community local and afar. He also believes that many legendary figures have yet to be honoured among Chinese Canadians around the world, and he encourages nominations from all around to continue this meaningful event.

Selection Committee Chair Stanley Kwan says that nominations are open to anyone, regardless of position, gender, age, or how rich or poor they are, as long as the nominee agrees to be nominated. Exceptions are elected federal, provincial or municipal representatives who are in office. The Committee will consider nominees’ personal struggles to succeed despite adversary conditions, their fearless and courageous spirit, achievements, contributions, and their motivating impact on their friends and the community.

Stephen Siu, Chair of Editorial Committee, says CCL Award sets itself apart from other awards by recording and publishing the stories of the award recipients in a book collection. Their contribution and determination have not just provided inspiration and motivation for change in the community, but also become invaluable reference for ongoing research on Chinese Canadian immigrants.

Bammy Wong said the book collections are now being kept in the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library at the University of Toronto, as well as the libraries at University of Ottawa, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, McGill University and Hong Kong Baptist University.

Nominations can be submitted in a nomination letter that includes the names of the nominator and nominee, their contact addresses, telephones, fax numbers and a biography under 1000 words. Nomination forms can also be downloaded from ABNA website www.abna.ca.

Submissions should be mailed to Asian Business Network Association: Unit 145 Royal Crest Court, Unit 44, Markham, Ont. L3R 9Z4 , or by email: info@abna.ca before June 30th 2018. All nomination information will be kept confidential.

This year, the CCL award gala will be held on Saturday Nov. 17 at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Markham. For enquiries, please visit www.abna.ca or call (Camilla Tong) 416-292-6374.

2018「紅楓傳奇」人物選拔 即日起接受提名

(2018年5月15日,多倫多訊) 華商網絡協會主辦的2018「紅楓傳奇」人物選拔,由即日起接受各界提名。今屆將以「你我同心締傳奇」作為主題,選拔出6位對加拿大社會有卓越貢獻的「傳奇」人物。



共同主席顏惠霞律師表示:「今年『紅楓傳奇』的主題「你我同心締傳奇」,帶出了簡單而重要的信息 : 一個傳奇可以始於你和我,也可以延展至身邊的人以至整個社區,同心締造精彩的傳奇。我們相信每一個人都可以對世界有所貢獻,更可團結起來改變世界、跨越挑戰,發揚『紅楓』精神。『紅楓傳奇』需要你我一同參與,才能取得過往的成果,以至再接再勵迎向未來,歡迎大家加入我們的行列,共創造更美的將來、締造更多傳奇。」


甄選團主席關保衛表示:「『紅楓傳奇』人物選舉歡迎任何人士參選,除在任民選三級政府代表不可參加外 ,經提名及同意參選者,在獲籌委會審核通過後,將列入候選名單,由甄選團嚴謹評選。選舉不設任何界限,亦不論財富、名望、成就、性別、年齡、或學歷;甄選準則著重個人於逆境中奮發向上,啟發世道人心,對國家、社會、社區卓有貢獻,並有積極性影響和激勵作用。



「紅楓傳奇」人物選拔公開接受提名至2018年6月30日截止,提名內容須註明提名人和被提名人的姓名、聯絡地址、電話和傳真號碼,以及一篇一千字的扼要人物簡介及相關資料。提名人亦可於「華商網絡」網址www.abna.ca 下載提名表格,寄交Asian Business Network Association: Unit 145 Royal Crest Court, Unit 44, Markham, Ont. L3R 9Z4, 或電郵至info@abna.ca。所有資料將予以保密。 2018「紅楓傳奇」頒獎晚宴,將於11月17日(星期六)在烈治文山喜來登酒店舉行。查詢詳情,請聯絡何湯淑芬(Camilla Tong) 416-292-6374或瀏覽網址﹕www.abna.ca